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Nude Run of Finland (Nakukymppi)

Nude Run of Finland is an event for all open-minded people who are interested in light sports in beautiful Finnish nature.

In Nude Run of Finland you can run, walk or nordic walk a route which has a maximum length of 10 kilometers. You are allowed to wear only shoes, socks and something on your head. Additionally, women can wear a top or correspondent. You can choose the length of your route freely; your performance will be accepted if you just start with abovementioned wearing

The route goes along quiet forest roads without disturbing too much the local people. After the run you'll get coffee and something small to eat free of charge. Additionally, all participants are invited for free sauna and swimming at Telaranta camping area nearby.

In 2013 80 participants joined the event.

Nude Run of Finland 2015 will be on Friday, 12th of June, starting at 7.30 p.m.

You can get additional information from event organizer Aarne Heino, either by phone (+358 400 483347) or by e-mail

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